Friday, 2 March 2012

Y4 - 154/365: These Are a Few of His Favourite Things

A fun surprise arrived in the post from America today!! A former high-school friend and very talented photographer in Tampa, FL (who I also happened to play basketball with my freshman year) sent Ryan some jelly-like letters that cling to the window. I noticed some she had photographed that her son, Michael, was playing with and commented how I wished I could find something similar here. Without a second thought, she offered to send some our way and Ryan was ecstatic to open the envelope and get involved sticking them on the window!'s only a matter of time before he eats one, but in the meantime, they are sure to be lots of fun! Thanks a ton, Jana!! x

After playing with his letters, Ryan had a go on his new Thomas train set he was given for Christmas by Nana and Grandad. We hadn't yet gotten it out, but Matt decided tonight was the night. It was huge and took up the entire area of the bay window as well as most of the floor past the length of the radiator.

Ryan was in train-heaven!!

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