Sunday, 18 March 2012

Y4 - 170/365: Happy Mother's Day, UK!!

The day began with a lovely lie-in, courtesy hubby, and when I finally did emerge I was greeted with kisses and some super special toast! I love my boys!

We then spent a bit of time this afternoon at Josie & David's along with Em, Daz & miss Amy. The kids had us in stitches pretending to nap in the corner.

Then tonight, for the first time, Ryan had the chance to speak to his Grandad Pat in America (who couldn't seem to sort his tablet so his image wasn't sideways...typical Dad). Admittedly I don't have the best relationship anymore in terms of closeness with my Dad, but it was nice to see he was making even just a small effort at interacting with his grandson.

The day's end has still left me feeling very grateful with the people in my life -- both in this country and abroad.

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