Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Y4 - 159/365: Playing 'Catch the Train'

With all the work I have been getting as of late, it is quite a routine we have gotten ourselves into. I wake up on a morning, get myself and Ryan ready before we all leave the house together for Matt to take me to the train station and then take Ryan on to the childminder or his parents before he then heads in to work, himself. Then, on an evening, he leaves work, picks Ryan up and heads back to the train station to collect me and we all head back home together...usually about 12 hours from when we began the routine in the morning.

Ryan approached me tonight and told me he was going to catch the train, too. He had his rucksack ready, just like Mommy on a morning, and I gave him some of my tickets for his train. He then packed some Raa Raa characters and books before asking for help to get the bag on his back.

The sweetest bit was when he asked for a kiss from me and said, "Mama, I go catch train...byeee! See you soon!" Then he wandered off behind the sofa for 15 seconds before reappearing and announcing cheerfully, "Yay! I'm back off train again!"

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Eastendmom said...

That is so sweet! Shows how observant they are - nothing gets past our children when they are little (which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good!)