Monday, 16 May 2011

Y3 - 228/365: It's FREE!

This week in The Sun newspaper, they're doing a promotion where you get a coupon/token for a free Lego toy from Toys R Us each day. The catch is you have to pick it up ON the day it is in the paper.

It started back on Saturday and Matt remembered it when we were visiting his parents and he saw their paper. He nicked the coupon from it and rushed down to Toys R Us at Merry Hill only to discover their stock on the free Lego toys was gone for the day already. Instead, they offered him a choice of something from the Dr. Who series so Ryan ended up with a Dalek.

On Sunday, Matt was up bright and early with Ryan as he was going to make it a special "Daddy & Ryan Day" and bring Ryan with him to collect the free toy from the Toys R Us near our house in Oldbury. He got there about 15-20 minutes after they opened but was still too late! Apparently because of Sunday trading, they open their doors 30 minutes early for people to browse the store but they cannot purchase anything. They say there was a queue at the door then just to get this toy and they only had a supply of two boxes.

Matt returned home with Ryan utterly disappointed that he missed out yet again.

I decided this morning that wasn't going to happen again, so as Matt was leaving at 8am for work, I was up and getting Ryan dressed and into his pushchair to head to Tesco Express, pick up The Sun, and walk the whole 2 miles down the road to Toys R Us so we could get there when they opened. I figured they were less likely to go as quick with it being a normal working day and kids at school.

Wouldn't you know...ding, ding, ding! By half-nine we were entering Toys R Us with coupon in hand and exiting with a ship toy from Pirates of the Caribbean. Mind you, Ryan won't really be able to play with these Lego toys until he's 4 or 5, but he loved crinkling the bag all the way back home!

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