Monday, 30 May 2011

Y3 - 242/365: We Have a Winner!

So, Ryan absolutely LOVES his John Deere tractor/book. It does open into a book, but at the moment, he is more interested in pushing it across the floor making his car noises. Much like his other toys he is also enjoying watching it race down the ramp of the slide and catapulting it over the safety gate at the cat.

Either way...well done, Nanny on this toy!

We've been practising some more signing since Ryan can confidently sign a few things now. One of the new ones he has mastered is 'please' where you move your flat palm over your chest in a circular motion. Whenever he signs to us that he wants 'more' of something I will ask him to "say please" and immediately he touches his chest and moves his hand a bit. It's not perfect, but I can already see that he is trying.

I've actually learned that babies who sign will sometimes use one sign to mean several different things. So, for example when Ryan signs that he wants 'more' of something, he sometimes also means that he wants something to eat or he wants you to give him something. So I'm also trying to introduce the signs 'hungry,' 'eat,' and 'want.' Plus, there are some others I'm trying that match things that he already does like 'dance' to help him communicate back with us until he is properly speaking. The best bit about all of this is that it doesn't inhibit their speaking ability because I speak to him when I make the he learns the sign AND the word at the same time!

I'm not sure how many times I can shout from the rooftops that I absolutely adore this little man!

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