Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 267 of 365: Traffic-Island-Art

Way to start my day...giggling like mad. There was an incident a while back involving some other accessorizing to this same giant statue, and although I know this type of behaviour is not encouraged, it is funny. At least they're not spray-painting him or trying to steal his head or his shovel.

I had a surprise at school today. We were notified just after 9 this morning that class and staff picture day was today. I probably would have done my hair differently and worn a different, more flattering top had I known sooner, but oh well. I just hope the photos turn out well and I can't wait to get a copy of my class's photo.


Valerie said...

It must be tradition in schools because that happens at mine too! Well, I should say that they give some advanced warning but they don't remind us the day before so I never show up wearing something presentable.

Brittany Tucker said...

Your header photo is beautiful.