Friday, 19 June 2009

Day 262 of 365: Pregnancy Brain

I've been hearing a lot lately how my memory will never be quite the same again. Too bad I can't listen when I warn myself OUT LOUD that putting a chocolate in my pocket for 'just a minute' is a BAD idea.

I was offered a chocolate in celebration of another Year 5'ers birthday. I literally said to myself out loud in front of the student, "Don't let Mrs. Bennett put this in her pocket because she might forget about it." Two seconds later, children started pouring into my room from morning break for their upcoming maths lesson. I thought 'if I just slide it into the top edge of my pocket, I can sneak a nibble once I give them their assignment.' didn't work like that. An hour later when I was dismissing the group, I reached in the pocket to see if I had my money for lunch and felt something squishy in a foil wrapper. You guessed chocolate.

Still tasted just as good...but a bit mushy now, like my brain.

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