Monday, 1 June 2009

Day 244 of 365: What Would YOU Do for a Fiver?

I had outdoor duty during afternoon break today and in an effort to occupy my growing entourage of 10-year-olds, I offered £5 to the individual who could figure out how to lick their own elbow by the end of the break period and encourage others to do the same.

Immediately the children scattered and went as far as to interrupt the Year 6 football match to try and convince them it could be done! Before long, I had a playground full of tongues chasing elbows whilst running around giggling and insisting to me that stretching the elbow skin itself or licking their finger and spreading it on their elbows counted.

One of my own students, who's identity I have concealed for blogging purposes, was so determined that I couldn't resist the photo opportunity to honour his persistence -- not to mention his ability to turn himself into a human-pretzel!

SO close!

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