Friday, 26 June 2009

Day 269 of 365: Gonna Make a Change...

We're doing our PPA day at home this week so I got to leave work early today. Probably a good thing since I was feeling a bit melancholy from the recent news of Michael Jackson.

Matt came in the room last night and asked if I had been watching the news. When I said I had not, he informed me that apparently MJ has died. Initially I thought it had to be a joke, but he insisted it has been confirmed. I suddenly felt really sad as if I had lost a close friend or family member.

I idolized Michael from the time I was big enough to sing along to his albums and even had my own sparkly glove earrings. He was so full of talent and had the most kind heart as a human being. I am one of those who don't believe a word of the allegations against him and feel they were just a ploy to get his money. Fair enough, the man was eccentric, but considering how he missed out on his own childhood, it really explains why he was the way he was. Certainly not an abuser of children in any way, in my opinion. In fact, it really grates my nerves and irritates me when people try to compare him to the likes of sleazy Garry Glitter.

Not. The. Same.

Needless to say, I was okay this morning and while I was driving in to work, Radio One decide to play a few tunes. The first one they decide to play is 'Man in the Mirror' and the beginning notes sent me into a fit of tears. Despite the overcast skies, I had to put on my shades to hide that I was actually crying in my car to this song...a song with so much of a message.

I'm sure part of it was my hormonal imbalance at the moment with this pregnancy, but it was just so sad because I just thought about how this was someone's brother, someone's son...someone's dad. A great loss any way you look at it.

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