Thursday, 26 February 2009

Day 149 of 365: Sign Me Up!

The life of a supply teacher can be inconsistent at times. This week has been very much just that -- no work, all . . . week . . . long . . . . . . NADA! Unfortunately, it's not the best timing for me to have extra time off after just completing a week off from half-term. Some might enjoy the extra bit, but for me, it means 'no pay' and that is bad.

So I took matters into my own hands and signed up with a second supply teaching agency. At least this will double my chances of getting called out on a day because I will use it for when I don't get a call from the regular place. Plus, the new one may be able to find me work a bit closer to home (I hope).

With luck, between this second agency and the tutoring, we may be able to saving to get out of this flat.

Boo, economy!

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Kim said...

My friend was registered with a couple of different agencies when she was supply teaching and they kept her pretty busy! Hopefully you'll end up getting more work!