Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 145 of 365: Back to School

Today is the final day in the half-term break. Schools in the UK resume bright and early tomorrow. Although, I don't count it as another day of my holiday break even though I won't be in school myself. Tomorrow I get my crown fitted for my gimpy molar -- yay!

So, in celebration of my final day, I did many, many "Kriss Kross" puzzles. I realize I am weird for enjoying how the pen feels on the paper when I fill in the little boxes.

Don't judge me.

I do what I want.


FutureMrsC said...

You're a grown one should judge you! lol :)

Good luck tomorrow at the dentist. Sooo...ARE you getting that diamond grill?

Meg said...

Only if I can also get some Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur! :-P

Fran said...

Hi Meg, found your blog the other day and it intrigued me. I too am on my way to the UK tomorrow for 2 months. I just started my blog. I will be outside of London. Nice blog!