Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 141 of 365: Tagged

I've bookmarked a few new recipes I want to try out of my Weight Watchers magazine. Then I diligently made a list and Matthew and I went grocery shopping. We returned surprisingly without much in terms of sweets and bad-for-you items.



Kim said...

I don't know if you go to the meetings, but the WW cookbook called, 'Cook!' has some really good recipes in it. My housemate used to go to the meetings and after we tried some of the recipes I asked her to pick one up for me as well!

Meg said...

I haven't stayed for a meeting in a while. I only got this book because it was free for joining...and technically, I "rejoined" after the Christmas holiday since I had 3 weeks away from meetings and I had canceled my monthly pass subscription to save £18 that month.

Now I just need to find a blank recipe book to transpose the ones I find that I like. (I'm a huge nerd and like any kind of book or form to fill in, hehe)