Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 144 of 365: Nothing to See Here

Such an uneventful day! I was hoping that since it was bright and sunny that we could so somewhere, not too far, to enjoy the outdoors...but that didn't happen. Matt thinks I'm old because I want to join a rambling society. What can I say, I just enjoy a good, scenic which might provide me interesting photos for my 365 -- and if that is God's will, so be it. HA!

We were at Em & Daz's for the evening and upon returning, this is the ritual (chase the stick/catch the stick) that MUST happen with Mr. Fuzzy Pants or he is a right jerk-face when we get upstairs. He has even gotten to the point that he will pull several of the sticks from their decorative bundle and strategically place them in the way of the front door or along the steps to remind us that it is time to play.

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