Monday, 28 November 2011

Y4 - 59/365: Barnford Hill Park

Since we began taking regular walks again lately I have been scoping out on Google Earth some different routes that we can take to get to different parks in the surrounding area. I found one just over in Oldbury and it's about a 3 mile walk, but figured that would be a good trek with a break in between so Ryan could have a play.

We finally decided to check out Barnford Hill Park this morning and Ryan absolutely loved it!

I have to admit that with all the equipment and structures available, Ryan was the most entertained by the collection of leaves around the perimeter. He kept running against the fence, kicking as many leaves as he could along the way and squealing with delight!

I liked the structure for the slide especially because the park right next to us doesn't really have an easily accessible slide. This one here had wide platforms that he could climb on his own and I didn't have to worry that his legs would slip through any spaces, whereas the one by us has an arched, metal ladder with thin rungs -- that he has once bashed his mouth on and had a bit of a bloody lip from, and a very steep slope with a chain to pull himself up. I much prefer something he can navigate confidently on his own and has to use his own motor control for rather than me keep lifing him up and putting him on the slide.

I think it's clear here as well that Ryan also enjoys doing things himself. He finally reached the top!!

And down, down, down we come!

We made sure to send Daddy lots of photos from our visit to try and help him be a part of our fun, but I think it also made him a little sad that he wasn't actually there in person to enjoy Ryan's smile. So, I suggested we try coming back on the weekend, maybe a sunnier day to have a family day out.

Ryan was very enthusiastic each time he'd find a stick. He'd pick it up and exclaim, "tiiiiick," while waving it around before plunging it down and shouting, "eeeees," referring to the leaves.

After about an hour romping around the park, I decided we should head home so Ryan could have his nap. Only ten minutes into the walk home, Ryan decided he didn't want to wait for his nap and he was spark out, despite my best efforts of cheek-tickling. At this I tilted his seat back and covered him in a blanket for the remaining 35 minutes it took to get back home.

Once back inside the warmth of the house, I quickly sorted his room heater and a warm bottle of milk before stripping off his outer layers and giving him the milk and then taking him up to sleep.

I have to say today I had some great fun exploring something new with my little buddy.

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