Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Y4 - 33/365: Big Kid...Big Help

"You mean you're gonna let me go down the 'big kid' slide today?!"

We didn't even get to the park today until about half-three, but despite the colder weather, I thought it was important that with the lack of sunlight recently and the earlier sunsets, it would be a good idea for Ryan to get a bit of fresh air to possibly help him sleep. Plus, it gets us out of the house for a bit and he gets to have an explore.

In fact...he gave the 'big kid' slide a go today!

It's kind of silly because the smaller playground (just next to this one) the slide has a curvy 'bar' ladder to the platform of the slide. Ryan finds this to be a challenge because his limbs are so short and the last time he tried to manoeuvre it, he smacked his lip on the bar causing it to bleed a little. The bigger slide, however, has steps. Although they're spaced farther apart, he is still able to make his way up...with very close supervision from Mommy.

Speaking of supervision...with one of his Tommie Tippee toddler butter knives tonight, Ryan also managed to help "chop" some "mushies" (mushrooms) for our pasta mess! Look at him concentrating!! Little chef, he is!

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