Thursday, 10 November 2011

Y4 - 41/365: Mr. Indecisive

Any other time I try to put this hat on his head to keep his dear bonce warm, he throws an absolute fit. Now I have just sat here and watched him collect the hat from his rucksack and put it on by himself...then he proceeded to wear it for the next 20 minutes of whatever he was doing. I couldn't help but giggle that he had it on a bit crooked, which is naturally why I ran for the Kodak.

Little man just can't make up his mind, can he?

He's getting better with his colours now. He can say blue, yellow and red and has roughly a 25% success rate on getting the colour right. Most of the time though, everything is blue.

Then there are his numbers. He made a breakthrough today because whereas he used to count "one, one, one," today he realised "two" came after "one" when we were counting the fluffy chicks in his 'happy baby 123' book. His cousin, who is only 5 months older, can count effortlessly to 10 and even knows some numbers to 16 as well! I know some children in Year 1 who have difficulty with 1 to 6, so I'm already impressed by these two special tiny humans in my life!

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