Saturday, 5 November 2011

Y4 - 36/365: Remember, Remember -- Your Neighbours Have Children!!!

Ryan has a bit of an obsession with "smelling" things, so when I caught him smelling his crayons this morning, I immediately grabbed my camera and captured this gem!

Such a comedian and he doesn't even know yet!

We popped out to Worcester late this afternoon to visit Matt's friend, Kev, and his girlfriend, Mel. She loves Ryan and as soon as she came into the room and saw him, she snatched him up for a cuddle and happilly allowed him to hold her hand and walk around to explore a bit.

He was so excited to see their dog, Buster, at first...until Buster excitedly plowed into him to give him doggy-kisses all over his face. After that, Ryan was quite content to wave at him from a'far whilst Buster was safely locked behind a gate. He is a very friendly dog, but for once Ryan didn't have the "upper hand" like he does with our cat, Myst.

We left Kev's shortly after dark and headed back North on the M5 to go home. Matt then left to go visit Daz and Ryan and I stayed behind to have dinner and maybe watch some of the 'Bonfire Night' fireworks. I took him upstairs and we watched for a bit towards Clent and across Stourbridge from the bedroom window. He really enjoyed all the colours!

It is now 11pm and he is currently asleep on the small sofa behind me. We attempted bedtime at 9, however, the nearby neighbours had some pretty loud fireworks they were setting off and the booms were startling him. Rather than run back and forth up and down the steps all night each time he woke from a loud boom, I brought him and a couple of his cuddly toys down to camp on the settee until things dies down outside.

Too bad some of them aren't considerate for those of us with small children who need to be sleeping.

It makes me laugh a bit that the British celebrate their Houses of Parliament NOT getting blown up by playing with none other than...explosives! Just a thought anyway.

With that in sounds pretty quiet outside now, so I think we may have a go and transporting tiny sleeper to his own bed.

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