Monday, 14 November 2011

Y4 - 45/365: Pyjama Day

Over the weekend I prepared some playdough again since the weather hasn't been very pleasant for some time outdoors. After Ryan was up from his nap this afternoon and had some lunch, we got the dough out along with our new cookie cutters and rolling pin. He absolutely LOVED making the shapes and saying some of the colours...namely 'bwuuuuu' and 'wehwohw.'

I caught him having a few cheeky tastes of the dough, but I'm confident the saltiness put him off trying to shove any more in his gob. Although, he would look at me and say, "Mmm," after each one!

He and I both stayed in our pyjamas all day since it was so crummy outside...that is until it was time for Daddy to come home from work. That was when he went up for an early bath, and into a new, clean set of PJs and I got dressed for some time at the Taj M'Bingo.

This is what was happening shortly before I left the house -- Daddy and Ryan playing 'trains.' He enjoys sitting in the middle of the track and putting a finger in the way to stop the trains until Daddy tells him, "GO," and he lets them go.

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