Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day 364 of 365: Poster Kitty Extraordinare

Nothing phases this cat and his ginormous paws...seriously. He's always in permanent "chill" mode...especially when Matt is at work. His favourite afternoon nap spot is in the conservatory on the wicker furniture...so long as I am so inclined to unlock the door and let him out there.

Lately the little turkey has sussed that he can get through the mini-blinds and escape out the front room windows if they're open wide enough. Matt foiled his plan last week when he caught him just as he disappeared from the other side of the window and onto the concrete floor outside. When Matt flew out the front door to chase him, he found Myst frozen just below the window without a clue in the world where he would be headed to next. It's as if he got outside and thought, "Shit! Now what do I do?!"

Needless to say he now needs to be watched like a hawk whenever we have the windows open wide enough for his fluffy kitty head to fit through.

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