Saturday, 26 September 2009

Day 361 of 365: Nearly Full Circle

More than full circle, really (as we have passed day 360)...but almost the end to Year One of my first 365. Don't fret though...the show will go on.

Today was the highly-anticipated 4D scan in Oldbury at the B.U.M.P.S. Clinic. We arrived as requested, '10 minutes before' our 10:30am appointment and were asked to wait downstairs "about five minutes" as they were having some technical difficulties. Well, it was a LONG 5 minutes because it wasn't until almost an hour later that we were settling into the scan room.

As it turns out, little bunny was tucked nice and comfy into my pelvis and had his tiny nose squished against the uterine wall, which made it extremely difficult to get a shot of his face. Despite guzzling some fizzy Diet Pepsi on the way to the scan, baby was fast asleep...much like his daddy would be at this time on a Saturday morning -- imagine that. In fact, he was about as easy to wake up as Matt because the tech shook and gently slapped the bump numerous times to try and rustle him awake and to get him to turn his head and it didn't seem to phase him.

I can hear it now, like an echo, "I'm up...I'll be up in a minute...I'm just resting my eyes."

After about 20 minutes of unsuccessful attempts the sonographer asked if we wanted to try taking a break for 20 minutes to see if a chocolate bar and more soda would help. Matt and I marched straight out to the car park and as directed, I pulled my shirt above my bump to expose it to the colder air. I stayed at the car downing more soda as Matt went to a little shop around the corner to get sugar-filled treats to entice dear son out of his sleepy hidey-spot. I must have looked like the biggest nutter bouncing around the clinic car park, belly exposed, munching on a KitKat and Double Decker bar -- don't mind the crazy American preggo.

We returned inside and headed straight upstairs where I continued pacing the waiting area until we were quickly ushered back into the scan room. However, attempt number two was no dice on any cooperation. We could see a bit more of his nose and mouth, but nothing head-on and no full face shots. He was just a sleepy little bunny and not willing to wake up for anything.

As an apology for having to wait for our scan to begin with, we had a complimentary semi-upgrade in our package. In addition to the DVD of both sessions of scans, we received double the number of 4D prints as well as a CD that included all 14 still images. Not the ultimate result from baby that we were hoping for in the end, but the fact that his growth measured on target, he's positioned head-down (cephalic) at the moment and he had a nice, strong heartbeat is all that matters when you look at the bigger picture. funny is it that the little turkey started to rise from his slumber and decide to kick off with a dance party the moment we returned home? I've since made him a deal that I will not hold this against him provided he can do everything in his baby power to make sure Labour and Delivery with him go as smoothly as possible.

Fingers crossed that he finds that to be a fair trade!

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