Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 338 of 365: Oh...It's Gonna Be a Long One

I had my 26-week appointment today with the midwife and although the appointment itself was typical, the events immediately before and after were far from it.

Let's begin with me getting into the car just before only to learn that the "wehw-wehw-wehw" sound is my engine refusing to start because the battery was flat. As disappointed as I was, I looked up at the clear sky, called the surgery to bump the appointment back half-an-hour, and phoned Matt to tell him I was walking to the appointment (in case he got home from work and wondered where I was). He did suggest that I phone his dad to see if he could take me, but I assured him it was a nice day and the walk would do me good.

Ten minutes is all it took me in the end to walk to the doctor's surgery for my appointment. The midwife measured my bump and baby is plotting right where he should be on the growth chart. We even had a listen to the heartbeat and she told me that she was pleased he was "cooking nicely." But like I said, the appointment itself wasn't the issue. I was in and out in less than fifteen minutes.

On the way home I had the ever-so-brilliant idea to take a different route back. I hadn't walked the route before, but I was confident I would remember the reverse directions from the last time Matt drove me to the surgery that way. I remembered the route being more downhill than up and thought it might be less stress on my bump. Plus, if it took me only ten minutes to get there to the surgery, my house wasn't more than ten minutes away...right?

Yeah, tell me that miles later when I'm walking past Little Devil's sandwich shop and wondering where I took a wrong turn. Periodically I pass by a group of angsty looking teenagers and I can't help but clutch my bag closer...although I'm sure that was an irrational reaction to have -- but I blame the media and all the hype on violent knife-crimes. (Please understand I was in NO danger...but slightly on edge due to being in unfamiliar, I think part of it was maternal-instinct kicking in instinctively to protect bunny.)

I manage to find my GPS location on my phone and work out which way I need to go to get home. I start my trek back and as I'm looking up at the fluffy white clouds I admire their beauty and decide to snap a photo. But as I tilt the camera back, the nice, dark, ominous-looking one is moving in faster than the rest from behind me...


I'm less than 5 minutes away by now and I can feel little one on my bladder...


And it

The heavens open up and the rains pelt down. Right. On. Me. And to be honest, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I managed to get home shortly after and dried myself off. This was the point where I questioned if I should just go back to bed, but it was just a bit of rain. Matt returned from work shortly after that and when I told him the whole story he laughed and said, "this wouldn't have happened if you had called my dad."


Kim said...

Cool picture! Sorry you had such a crappy experience getting it!

Smocha said...

I feel for you.The scary Uk walking trails...some one comes near you and of course..any woman in her right mind is going to assume they are a serial killer.

But if the waterworks start know..not from go to the hospital and don't walk yourself there.Trust me, been there,done that.

Meg said...

LMAO @ Smocha! Better not be for another 3 mos!