Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Day 337 of 365: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Typically when Matt leaves for work on a morning, he lets me know he's on his way out and tells me he will see me around dinnertime (mid-day). I hear him exit the front door, get into his car and drive off...and that's my cue to do the following: roll over, take up the whole bed, pull the duvet up to my chin, and snuggle into the warmth for my extended sleeping session. At least, this is the plan in place until school resumes later this week.

Unfortunately, both yesterday and today, I have been woken-up by the most irritating drilling sound that I have concluded is coming from 2 neighbours down as they have a utility van parked on their drive. What makes the situation more aggravating is that it's barely past 8am and they're loud...and let's face it people...I'm pregnant, cranky, and I like my sleep. The mentioned disturbances make my plan difficult to execute. Jerks!

(Side note: ignore the hideous tear in the border on our was like that when we moved in and it will eventually be replaced.)

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ceelynn said...

LOL I do exactly the same thing. 'Bye honey. Have a good day. Thanks for getting out of the bed so I can use it all!' :)