Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Day 238 of 365: Lorry Ride

This is the more picturesque of my photo choices this evening. Matt got a call last night to drive to Bradford, near Leeds, for a delivery today and he invited me to join him (since I'm on break all week and need to be entertained.) We also had to stop near Nottingham on the way back and despite my best efforts...there were no sightings of any men in tights through Sherwood Forest.

On a funnier note, hubby took a chance to point this out to me when we were leaving Bradford...

I think I actually used to CALL people Dilbags at one point...circa 1994 (or now even still...but who's keeping track?). Just funny to see what people name things.

Overall it was a pretty pleasant day. The weather held up and the drive was nice. Also, did you know these things DON'T have seat belts?! I kept trying to reach for mine and put it on every time I'd get back in the cab.

I'm so happy I got to spend the day with hubby and also really glad to have gotten more of an appreciation of how challenging it can be to drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle. People in cars should really be mindful next time you see one signaling to get out or when you think it's no big deal to cut one off on the motorway.

I certainly won't be picking fights any time soon.


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Beautiful first photo! I love when you can see the cloud shadow on the side of the hill. Where about was it, do you remember?

Meg said...

No clue...somewhere with a lot of sheep. :-P