Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 228 of 365: Year 5 Contraband

In America, I would keep what I called a "June Box." This is where confiscated toys and other distracting items went that were taken off children who were given a warning to put it away or not bring it to school. The idea behind the "June Box" was that the item was placed inside and not to resurface into their possession until June, when school was out for summer. The only exception to this was if the child's parent came in personally to collect it, which was almost never because who wanted to have to admit to their parent that they had something taken off them in class?

Schools in the UK do not have such a long summer break and they don't even finish until towards the end of "July Box" doesn't have that same ring to it. Instead, I keep confiscated items in my top desk drawer...a sacred TEACHER ONLY place.

I was in my classroom today because we have Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI) coming to our school next week (and yes, I'm certain she sends them herself). I thought I would use this time to get some things tidied in my classroom and bring home anything that I might need for the weekend that I was too lazy to get on Friday.

I opened my top desk drawer to get some blue-tac and was reminded of my growing plethora of WWE paraphernalia.

Have I mentioned I have many BOYS in my class?

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