Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 226 of 365: Daddy Warbucks

Some packets of info were delivered from the office today about next week being "Walk to School Week." Children are encouraged to have people sponsor them to walk to school with their parents instead of driving in order to raise money for the blind to aid in the training of their seeing-eye dogs. One of the prizes is a trip to the puppy training facility in Leamington Spa or a chance to actually name one of the puppies themselves.

Being that I am big on philanthropy and getting kids involved, I decided to share this right away with my class. I explained how all our school needed to do as a whole was raise £250 and that it wasn't even that difficult for our class alone to raise that amount as we would just need 10 people to collect £25 each by getting 5 people to sponsor them a fiver.

The class seemed to be quite enthusiastic about this and they began guessing who could have their money in first. One little girl in particular said that she could just have her dad GIVE her £250. At this, I'm thinking perhaps daddy is quite well-off, as doubtful as it seemed, so to be certain, I asked her how she was so sure he could just GIVE her this much money.

Without cracking even the smallest grin and with the most serious look, she replied, "I know he can give me £250 because he writes cheques."

Aw, bless! Such innocence.

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