Sunday, 6 January 2013

Y5 - 6/365: Judgment Day

I'm fairly certain every parent goes through a day, week, month or period such as this. Their child is doing something they're not proud of and they don't mention it to others, especially other parents, for the fear of being judged. But why is this? Shouldn't we stick together as parents and support one another? Why should we be made to feel like we don't do enough to discipline our children? You know about the looks you get when your child starts screaming bloody murder in the middle of Toys R Us. Those stares you get that tell you, 'yeah, you have THAT child.'

The thing is, Ryan is lovely MOST of the time. He's very loving and empathetic -- empathy being something many children his age don't grasp. He's surely not perfect by any means, but when he is good he is SO good! That said, when he is bad...oh boy! Look out!

Matt and I were pushed to our limit tonight. Any discipline/consequence lately seems to get frustrated screaming from him that would shake any adult to the core. I have to take a breath before I intervene or decide to ignore. "Terrible Twos" has nothing on the threes. Thankfully my studies on child development help me understand the 'why' to all of these new displays of defiance from our son, but they certainly don't assist with my own patience and one thing is for sure, my child may have episodes where he tantrums or behaves in a way that we are not teaching him, but I can assure you we DO take care of it and let him know it's not acceptable. I just hope he will learn eventually.

Then, as fast as the nasty behaviour began, he's sitting on my lap and sweetly reading 'The Snowman' with me as if none of it ever happened...

...right before he pulls a 3-hour standoff and refuses to go to bed.

Lord! Grant me serenity! Also, thank you for making my child's working in his favour at the moment.

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jamiem627 said...

sorry you were feeling like that:( I know that feeling so well, I too, don't tend to speak about the really bad times. Maybe it's just embarrassing? I don't know, but you are not alone and this too shall pass! good luck x