Thursday, 3 January 2013

Y5 - 3/365: He Did It!

At approximately half past two this afternoon we were preparing the little man for his nap and although he claimed he didn't need the loo, I encouraged him to sit on it anyway just in case. Matt and I carried on our conversation and were interrupted about mid-way through to an over-excited, "I dih it...I dih it!!" When we asked what he did, Ryan exclaimed, "I dih a poo on my poh-ee!" and he stood up to turn around and marvel at his creation.

Immediately I lept forward and wrapped my arms around him in a giant bear-hug and Daddy did the same, nearly dropping his phone! "Well done, mate!" We both congratulated him and I showed him how much faster it was to "clean" him up rather than have to lie down and fiddle with a nappy. As Matt whisked away the contents for disposal, Ryan was on cloud nine and I could certainly feel a rush of adrenaline. There was no way he was having a nap after this achievement...especially after Matt read my mind and returned with a Cadbury's Fudge finger as a reward!

This is what I have wanted for him for the longest time and I was beginning to feel a bit disheartened, if I'm honest, from reading post after post on parenting forums about 'how much more difficult boys are to potty train' and 'how some mums waited a month or more' for their child to be okay with doing a poo anywhere but their nappy. I was prepared for a long-haul and although this isn't the end, it's yet another milestone and step in the right direction. Plus, with that much praise, I'm pretty certain he's confident in what signs to notice he's ready next time.

Now, while we've been on a natural high most of the afternoon over this long-awaited poo, we did think that missing his nap would do him some good and he would go right down for us at bedtime.


I have to sometimes remind myself, 'C'mon...this is RYAN we're talking about here. As IF it were THAT simple!'

We did tea at a decent hour and after a relaxing, orange-coloured bubble bath (yellow and red tabs), he was dressed and ready for his bedtime story closely after half-eight. My instincts were telling me during his story and song requests that it wouldn't be an easy bedtime because he kept wiggling, giggling and trying to put his finger in my mouth and press his nose against mine. It's a good job he's cute because I was starting to get slightly irritated, while at the same time, wanted to enjoy my son's playful nature, knowing he won't always be this small, and he won't always WANT myself or Daddy to tuck him in and sing him songs.

He refused his duvet, kicking it away each time I'd tuck a side, and finally relented to me covering him with the blanket which cousin, Ashley, crocheted for him. I did the usual. I told him "love you," goodnight and I'd see him in the morning, even reminding him that "big boys stay in their beds"...but I didn't even make it to the bottom step before I heard the familiar "pitter patter" across his floor. (By "pitter patter" I mean..."STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, THUD!") Each time we'd call up to him, "It's bedtime, mate," he would scurry back to bed, but moments later we'd hear his door open again. Matt claimed he wasn't going to bother going up to tell him off, but this happened repeatedly until about half-ten when Matt went up and softly, but firmly coaxed him to sleep and he hasn't been up since.

Maybe it's the excitement from all the potty training? Maybe it's a growth spurt? Who knows? But I do think his little tune will change next week after Daddy AND Mommy are back to work and his little tush is worn out at the childminders' and the children's centre.

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