Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Y5 - 1/365: And It Starts All Over Again!

And so it begins, another year! Admittedly I slacked on the last 365 and it sadly ended 2 months shy of completion. Typically when I had fallen behind I simply carried on taking photos and just caught up on the posts when I had the chance. However, this time I lacked the motivation and before long life got in the way. I was busy with work, family (of course) and I suppose it became a non-priority. But as I have missed my outlet, my therapy...I'm back!! I cannot promise the same will not happen, but I have high hopes for the blog this year. I want to re-vamp some of my ideas and tweak it a bit...so we will see what happens. In the meantime, I bring you day one of my FIFTH year of the 365.

Like many families with little ones and skint from the Christmas holiday, we opted (aka "had no choice") to spend the night in to ring in the new year. Hubby was comfortably seated and playing his Black Ops and I was faithfully at my laptop looking for more programmes that I didn't really need to get hooked on watching.

Our child was nestled, all snug in his bed, whilst visions of "ginge-men" (gingerbread men) likely danced in his head. In fact, after my midnight snog with the other half, I popped up to check on our tiny tot to find him spark out and looking as if he had fallen asleep mid-fist-pump. I suppose the noise of the pyrotechnics outside muffled the sounds of the would-be rave with the teddies in his room, but there was not a glow stick in sight.

I woke up this morning around half-eight to find said toddler, perpendicular across our bed and using my cheek as a pillow. The husband was nowhere to be found, which only meant he had fallen asleep downstairs, again. Alas, this is the expectation after a new game is released or he has a bit more time off work to play.

When I blinked it was nearly an hour later and little man was prancing around the room singing yet another one of his latest, made-up tunes. This one consisted solely of the lyrics, "Mommy, I pooed in my nappy." Lazily I picked up my phone and rang Mr. Bennett downstairs to let him know his presence was needed and shortly after he collected his Ryan-shaped parcel and retreated back downstairs to allow me my promised lie-in.

It didn't take long from the vibrations of the TENS machine to lull me back into a deep sleep and I awoke again shortly after noon. Matt was standing over me and asking if I had any painkillers (for my sciatica...I hadn't) and if I wanted to do Ryan's nap. So, I grabbed my trackies and headed downstairs.

I was briefed on how well the morning had gone with Sir Ryan. We're in the middle of potty training at the moment and today was day five. He only wears pants during the day and he's been a champ at going straight to his potty when he needs a wee! He was even still in the same pair of pants he was put in this morning! To add to that, his behaviour (a focus we're working on) was spot on and he had been listening to Daddy and doing as he was told since he got up! As a result, he had managed to make it to three stars with his space rocket (behaviour chart), which meant a special treat...so I told him that if he took a nice nap after his dinner we'd go to the park when he woke up to try out his new scooter that he was gifted for his birthday.

Needless to say the nap occurred without issue and around half-three this afternoon, off to the park we went. The sun had been shining all day, which was a change from the monsoon season we had previously been experiencing, so I wanted to take advantage. We chose a good spot between the children's play area and the skate park and had a nice bit to scoot around. He had an absolute ball!

When it was time to go, we avoided any tears because I offered to allow him to ride the scooter "home." This meant he rode it down the path in the park to the entrance/exit and then together we wheeled it back up the hill to our drive (because it was "too heavy" and Mommy *wasn't strong enough*).

Hey...whatever it takes!

I had a really pleasant time today and therefore a great start to 2013, in my opinion. I'm with the people I love and while we may not have as much as we'd like, there's enough for what we need for the moment and we're still better off than we were before. Plus, being together makes things seem like less of a struggle.

I have two beautiful loves here with me to be more than thankful for, and watching the one grow and learn is the best reward. Just in the past week, along with being a big boy and using the potty, Ryan's been showing us numbers on his fingers. On his last potty venture before bed, he was showing me how many stars he earned today and I'm beyond proud!

I think it's all a sign that 2013 is going to be a great year! Bring it!