Friday, 4 January 2013

Y5 - 4/365: Pay It Forward

While it has nothing to do with today's photo, I feel obligated to post a bit of an update on "Operation: Dry Bum." Still on a high from yesterday, I was eager to get Ryan into his pants first thing this morning. As I'm quite stiff and it takes a bit for my Cocodamol to kick in on a morning, I got him into his pants and then went to lay back down whilst attached to the TENS machine, hoping that it would at least numb me faster so I can get moving. As I lie there, Ryan shouted from his bedroom that he had done a wee. I asked if he was dry and he said he was and came into our room for a congratulatory cuddle. His pants were still around his ankles and he said he had gotten them a bit wet. I assumed this was because he wasn't aiming properly behind the potty "shield" bit, but the closer he got to me the stronger "the smell" got.

As it turns out I just need to learn my lesson the hard way, that Ryan needs one of us to physically be up with him first thing when it comes to reminding him the first couple of times.

I got him cleaned up and power sprayed his pants in the shower before returning to discover a flattened "smudge" on his George Pig socks. Funny enough these were the same socks and pair of pants from a couple posts ago -- perhaps a sign? I then spent the next ten minutes playing a fun game called, "Ryan, where's the poo?" and searching around his room. It wasn't until I was walking back through our bedroom doorway a third or fourth time that I FELT it. ICK! A proper golf-ball sized...yeah, I'll spare you any more detail. You're welcome.

The rest of the morning went really well. No accidents or misses and he even stayed dry through his nap! He was up to three stars in no time and very well-behaved! He didn't have to be told off once and at one point volunteered to tidy his toys!

Are we sure this is my child?

We were due in Kingswinford at three to look at a nice bungalow and on the way home decided to pick up a few things at Aldi. When it was our turn at the till I noticed the woman before us had left her purse wedged under the card reader so I pointed it out to Matt and the till worker who realised the woman hadn't gotten very far and was still packing her items by the window. She was understandably relieved that we were so honest to make her wise to her mistake and thanked us profusely. As we walked across the car park to the car I praised Ryan for his good behaviour all day and just then the woman approached us from behind.

"Can I give her this?" she asked as she looked down at my curly-bonced son. I didn't correct her but instead said, "Oh RYAN, look! This very kind lady would like to give you this pound coin. How lovely! What do you say?" Without hesitation Ryan thanked her and she thanked us back again before returning to her own car.

Ryan held his pound coin proudly in his hand the whole way home singing, "I got money, money, money," and we discussed what he could do with it. In the end he decided it would be best to put it into his money box in his bedroom. So, when we got home we headed straight upstairs to make the one pound deposit sensibly into his porcelain England football.

Then, true to Ryan, he wanted it back to play with it in his Megabloks pirate treasure box. be three and completely indecisive!

He asked me later why the lady gave him the coin. I explained because we did a good thing and gave her back something that she lost and we found. I said that sometimes we find things that don't belong to us and it might be tempting to keep them, but the good choice to make is to return it to who it belongs to. In this case, the woman was very happy we did that and wanted to give something back to say 'thank you.' I added that she knew he had also been such a good boy, just to drive home that good deeds never go unrewarded.

He was pleased with that explanation and I was, as well, for such a lovely, teachable moment. I believe they're never too young to take it all in.

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