Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Y4 - 312/365: Something is Fishy

Ryan was asking to do some gluing from the start this morning, so I had an idea to make a background for the fish tank. I let him have a go with the scissors on his own while I made a torn, green coral/seaweed-y background that he could glue, and then I cut out two orange goldfish. This time I showed him how to use a glue stick by rubbing it on the back of the paper shape. He took to it like a pro and was very proud of his work again!

As soon as Daddy got home tonight, Ryan couldn't wait to show him before we taped it on the back of the tank!

He also enjoyed another Tot School activity that involved some matching and attempts at writing/mark-making. I did set out the magnetic letters for him to match up with the written ones, but he had to put them in the boxes in the correct order, then I started with giving him lots of help to trace the first two letters and only a little help on the last two just when he went off track. Still...for only 2.5, I'm impressed...and I love that he loves to do it!

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