Thursday, 2 August 2012

Y4 - 307/365: Practise Makes Perfect

Ryan had some post come through on Monday that he has an appointment for his 2.5-year development check coming up next week. There was an ASQ-3 Questionnaire to fill out which also gave little "tests" I should try with him to see his response. One of the skills was how he coped with scissors, so I decided I would let him have a go today with some child-friendly ones.

He didn't have to actually cut any paper successfully, just properly hold the scissors and manage to open and close them a few times with his fingers. I would cut out some shapes and while we talked about them he made some attempts at copying me. He did get the "movement" of the scissors after a while but I'm not too worried because he gave it a good try and didn't give up. In fact, as long as he has his gorgeous, blond ringlets, I'm quite happy that he remains unsuccessful at the cutting bit.

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