Monday, 6 August 2012

Y4 - 311/365: Development

We started the day of with a bit of Tot School. I planned on attempting 3 intentional "activities" for Ryan, including 'shape matching' with real world object association using glue (for the first time). The other two activities we didn't really get to as he wasn't interested in the mark-making and our "nature walk" was overshadowed by a rainstorm.

He needed a bit of help with the hexagon and oval shapes, but he aced the rest and was really proud of his work at the end, exclaiming, "I did it!" He even shared with Daddy over the phone how he glued shapes.

After a short nap we got dressed and had a peek at the sky before deciding umbrellas were a definite for our trip down to the Children's Centre for his 2.5-year check-up. It was meant to be a 20 minute walk, but there isn't any option in Google Maps to adjust the time estimate for walking with a toddler, so I tried to give ourselves an additional 10 minutes. I fitted Ryan with his bee rucksack and out the door we went.

We got about half-way there before the skies opened. I opened Ryan's Thomas umbrella first and helped position it before opening my own. We took about 10 steps before I noticed Ryan was struggling and his head was getting all wet. I even took his "bee hood" out of his rucksack and tried positioning his umbrella handle under the straps on his reins so it would stay on his shoulder. Unfortunately, not even 5 steps later, his umbrella was hanging all funny again and the rain was coming down pretty heavy.

I was quickly debating trying to just carry him down the hill when a Sandwell Private Hire taxi pulled up and the passenger door opened. I looked up at the driver and shrugged, telling him it was okay but that I didn't have any money. He said it was okay and asked where we were headed. I told him and he said he'd give us a lift, no worries. Had this not been a local taxi, I would have thanked him and declined, but we were getting absolutely soaked and the centre was right at the bottom of the hill. So I loaded in Ryan and myself and thanked the man over and over as he took us down to the children's centre. He mentioned he had actually driven past us on the way down the hill but there wasn't anywhere for him to stop so that's why he turned around. He said he wouldn't have felt right to keep driving seeing as I had a young child with me. I don't think I've ever been more grateful and took his registration on our exit from the car in case we can find a way to repay him for his kindness.

Once inside we took a seat and waited for our turn. After we were called in, Ryan drew for a short time with crayons at the table where I was meeting with the nursery nurse. She went over Ryan's scores on the questionnaire I had to fill out previously, stating he was average and above on everything which was remarkable. I think it's down to him being such an independent little guy and wanting to have a go at everything himself. Then I had to fetch him to have him stand on the scale and have his height measured. He now weighs 31 lbs and is 89.3 cm tall (which is almost 36 in). She asked if there were any questions and concerns and the only thing I brought up was behaviour, as he seems to have a little defiant streak in him lately. She assured me it's purely down to his age and testing his limits, but that it should pass in time. She even gave me a little packet to read over about understanding the behaviour and how to help use it as a learning tool for him to develop and grow (and hopefully not turn into a little monster child, hehe).

It's good though because it's a big reminder from the child development courses I've taken how a lot of the bossiness and mini-tantrums are because he's feeling helpless himself and trying all he can to exert a bit of control. The tantrums, in fact, are a big sign that a child no longer has the words to express their feelings and it's a big indicator that they're overwhelmed.

After leaving the children's centre, we headed back up the hill towards home, stopping at Tesco Express for some mushrooms, and then straight into the kitchen to start getting tea ready. I even let Ryan have a go at chopping mushrooms with his Tommee Tippee knife while I did the same at the counter. He managed to get through two large mushrooms, so not too bad, really.

After I washed up the remaining dishes and decided to allow Ryan to hand-dry a few of the plastic things. It wasn't until I saw him licking a plate and telling me, "Look, Mommy...I got the water off. It dry now," that I decided perhaps he wasn't quite ready to help with drying dishes., what a day...and what a grown up little man our Ryan is becoming! Love my little helper!

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