Monday, 27 July 2009

Day 300 of 365: Misty Hills

I snapped this from a nearby car park on the way up to Brierley Hill Town Centre tonight. I went for a walk just before 9pm to look for St. Mary's Catholic Church on High Street. I had forgotten where it was and wanted to start attending mass again before the baby is here so I can see if I will like it enough to want it to be the parish where he will be baptized. (Naturally this sparked a whole session of Matt winding me up over whether or not someone who is Catholic is still Christian. I offered to draw him a Venn Diagram.)

From the car park you can see pretty far into the hills and it looked so cool with the pinkish night-falling sky. I couldn't resist the photo.

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Valerie said...

Makes me want to move to England!