Saturday, 4 July 2009

Day 277 of 365: No Parking, Baby...

No, this wasn't referring to any dance floor...but I got told off today at Merry Hill. Matt had to run in to Matalan to pick up a few things while I was up the road in Staples. We were on a bit of a time crunch, so rather than try to swim upstream through the encircling vultures (motorists looking for someone's parking spot), I thought I would just edge up temporarily along double yellows until I saw the whites of Matt's eyes emerge from inside.

Yes, I know what you're is illegal to park on double yellow lines. Very true. My defense, however, was that I was staying in my vehicle and could easily move if need be.

Well, need be it was. Was I asked by the Parking Enforcement (aka Rent-a-cop) to move because I was parked like the cars in the picture, on double yellows? Oh no! I was asked to move because the nose of the car was a bit too far into the zebra crossing!!


Happy 4th, by the way, fellow Americans out there!!

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