Saturday, 10 April 2010

Year 2 Day 192: New 'Kids' on the Block

A few weeks back I mentioned in a post that Emma & Daz had to take their cat, Sweep, to the vet because he was suddenly very poorly. As it turned out he had acute renal failure (unsure of the cause) and although they tried to give some alternatives a try, he had to be put down the following day. This was a very sad day because Sweep had a brother, Soot, who also had to be put down for the same thing in 2006 after ingesting some mercury that got on his fur from a thermometer that was knocked over and had broken.

Needless to say, anyone who owns or loves pets understands the bond you form with them and how heartbreaking it is to lose them. I am having a hard time just being separated from my own cats and still uncertain if they will be able to eventually join me here in the UK.

Well, when we visited Em & Daz tonight we were able to meet the newest residents. Meet Pepper and Ash. They reside in the kitchen at the moment where they are safe from the nearly-toddling 8.5-month-old and her walker of terror. Still, how nice that our niece will be able to grow up being able to love and appreciate animals as much as we all do.

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