Saturday, 6 March 2010

Year 2 Day 157: English Fairytale

I took ONE photo today...just one...but this wasn't it. This one is borrowed. I took my picture on my phone. When I went to upload the ONE picture I took I couldn't find it...because I had deleted it. ARGH! In all my time of doing the 365, I haven't deleted a photo before having the chance to post it.

So, although this post is a bit of a cheat, I hope that what I do have in place of a photo (that is not my own) can suffice.


We went to view another property again today. A cottage. Matt noticed it online and joked that we should check it out. It's listing says it has coal-fired central heating, which I have read can be far less expensive than others. It's in Rowley Regis and a bit farther than we were hoping, but still close enough to family.

Now to an American (like me, anyway), this is the epitome of picturesque England. When we viewed the property we really liked it too, but it's a little more money than we were hoping on spending. In fact, for the cost, we were hoping to have a 3rd bedroom, but we will just have to discuss it more and see how things go.

Without further delay, I give you a couple videos...

The Front Room...

The Garden...

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