Friday, 10 April 2009

Day 192 of 365: Second Coming 2009?

This was our view inside ASDA when we popped in this afternoon for a pack of batteries for my camera. EVERY till was open and EVERY queue was RAMMED! Granted, many places are closed till Tuesday because of the Easter holiday, but sheesh! You might even think Jesus himself were coming to Easter dinner.

Business as usual for us Bennetts. We were in and out of the flat today surveying some damp areas and painting and glossing. We finished the bedroom around half-ten, but I managed this photo from the giant, front-room window before it got dark. Not a bad view, really.


UK Christine =^..^= said...

I think those trees will be really pretty once spring/summer get here! VERY close to the bus stop, that is nice. :)

thetroubleandstrife said...

I lol'ed at the Jesus part hahaha.